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    Abstract by Dyllon Dinwiddie

    Poem: Abstract Let’s take a journey through my mind, to see what it is we find will it be love or pain? What about regression and a little shame? It may be a little bit of all as I sprint through these obstacles standing beside me hoping I fall. I constantly struggle with the fear of letting go, allowing myself to be amazed by the greatness that has yet to be achieved. Mistakes and trials reinforce my mind to swallow my imperfections and embrace who I truly am, like the constant heartbeat inside my chest Abstract. Scars are like memories of lost ones who I constantly am reminded of, that…

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    Amulya Barua – The Poetry

    The World War that broke out in the first part of the last century made a deep impact on our society. Apart from changing the political map of the world, it completely changed the mindset of the people. The wind of change was also felt in art, culture, and literature. Poetry which is regarded as the spontaneous expression of man’s mind and soul also abruptly changed its original track. Starting in Europe in the writings of Eliot, Yeats, Cammu, Brecht etc is soon spread all over the world. The tremor of the World War also jolted the socio-political life in Assam. The sufferings of common people brought about by the…

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    Magic Mike XXL: My Take Away!

    Magic Mike XXL has been one of my fav movies for two reasons; first, Channing Tatum and second, Channing Tatum. Watching this movie I had this random idea of trying to look at it in a completely different way. Instead of merely, headlessly and blindly looking at it as an entertaining movie I tried taking out some life lessons from it! As insane as it sounds, it was fun! Let me directly take you on a tour of some life lessons/ wise words/motivation I gathered from this awe-inspiring movie (I am laughing at myself as I write this, but trust me it was fun, you should try this too) Change is mandatory…

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    The Poetry and the World!

    With change being a constant and poetry is a part of this constant, we have seen a significant change occurring in the poetry world. In India especially poetry was supposed to be dearest to the king and was his pride to have the best of all in Country. We later saw an exponential decline and now a slow but steady growth. More than a few of this generation’s colorful lights found poetry first through performance, or come from communities where “spoken word” and “poetry” are not separate lanes. Other poets have shown a talent for building an audience in less embodied ways. A lot of this was against the embedded poetic culture.  …

  • A little trap of unsaid truth!

    A little trap of unsaid truth!

    We all tend to lie a lot! Not to our families, our friends or our parents; we lie to ourselves a lot! We tend to build around ourselves an imaginary castle of a dreamy world, were everything made up of hopes given by others. The bricks of the castle are made of dreams that your school teachers gifted you and pillars of the castle are nothing but the rules without roots which were embedded in you. The ceiling, however, is made of those unanswered questions and lost curiosity and the windows, however, are pretty opaque. Your lie will never let you see the truth outside. This castle-like thing is nothing…

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    Darkness by Mayank Aggarwal

    In the darkness of the night Sat a child, his fingers white Slaved away under the demon’s might Longed for his mother’s sight The innocence kept the truth out of sight His ruined childhood gave someone delight There were others who shared his plight Equally helpless against the demon’s might There he sat, making objects of light Unaware of the wonders lying out of sight Hoped to see one day, the sun shining brightly Resigned to the demons he knew he couldn’t fight In the darkness of the night One day, he saw an angel in white Through the window of his cell so tight It slaked his wish of…

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    For the love of Hindi Poetry: Chinmayi Tripathi

    Delhi-based singer-songwriter Chinmayi Tripathi has recently returned from a tour of London where she performed live at various venues across the city. A trained classical vocalist, Tripathi is the lead singer of a fusion band ‘Spice Route’. She is known to write and compose her own songs and is an absolute love for poetry. A recipient of the Vishnu Prabhakar Puruskar, she is also amongst the five young achievers to be awarded by British Youth Awards. She has released two albums, “Sun Zara” and “Mann Bawra”, and is currently working on her third album “Music & Poetry Project.” which is based on the works of Hindi literature’s most eminent poets.…

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    Atticus Poetry: Star of the Week!

    Atticus, the name itself brings into my head thousands of poetries. Each beautifully carved into perfect poetry and breathtaking story. He is a man who has built his identity from the scratch and his face is as big a mystery as his talent. Atticus, a mysterious poet found primarily on social media, has a way of taking his/her followers along for a ride on an emotional rollercoaster. In just a few words, most of which are written in typewriter font in front of a plain white background, we feel the pain, love, and curiosity he/she is feeling. Atticus’ work is enough to make your soul feel alive or at least…

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    About The Smudged Ink!

    Every story was once written on the slate of life before the pen had an opportunity to put it on paper. Every character is a metaphor for the writer’s life and every each of these stories and poetries were a result of sweat and tear. The droplets of these when fall on paper create a story that enters our heart before our brain and stays with us until the end of life. This is the Smudged Ink of a writer.  We at The Smudged Ink are here to uncover the stories behind this smudged ink. The story behind the story and the reality in the reel is what uncover here.…

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